Sunday, July 11, 2004

juan williams on thurgood marshall

ABC News commentator Juan Williams has written a spellbinding book about the life of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. Hear the story of how this book was written in a 50-minute presentation given at the Takoma Branch Library, in DC, in 1999.

The above QuickTime video is best viewed using Mozilla or Safari web browsers. You probably want to wait a few minutes for the video to start transferring before watching it -- so that the video transfer is progressing ahead of your watching. The video is 500 megabytes in file size and is best viewed with a high-speed Internet connection.

This video was shot with a Sony 8mm analog camcorder, which some consider obsolete. No tool is ever obsolete if it is creatively put to beneficial use. There are currently 75 million analog camcorders in the United States which can be put to beneficial use.

The video is in MPEG-1 format, viewable by Macintosh, Windows and Linux computers. MPEG-1 video is also known as "video cd" format video. A background article about how video cd's can be used to bridge the digital divide can be found here.

Dial-up users can listen to the audio from this video.
(11 megabytes.)

Do you own an iPod or other MP3 player? An MP3 audio file from this video is available for download. This MP3 file was created using iTunes. (65 megabytes.)

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