Saturday, November 06, 2004

teaching generalized computer skills

yesterday i stopped by to visit deb roepke, the founder of Computer C.O.R.E. in alexandria, virginia. in giving me a tour of her community technology center, she explained to me Computer C.O.R.E.'s philosphy of teaching students specific computer skills as well as general skills of how to use any computer program.

i've heard others speak highly of Computer C.O.R.E., but it was quite another thing to see this organization up close myself. i'm convinced that Computer C.O.R.E's model is a very effective teaching model. i wish that i were introduced to computers in this way.

here's a brief quicktime with deb explaining her organization's approach.

i used the appleworks draw module, a digital camera and quicktime pro to create this. the audio was recorded with a camcorder and a lavalier microphone.

you could create something similar on windows using powerbullet presenter.

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