Sunday, October 24, 2004

documentary - It's Just Me

In coming years it's going to become much more common for documentary producers to have their films seen over the internet. There are thousands of compelling, informative and inspiring documentaries that will soon have new audiences.

Here in the Washington DC-area there are a number of talented documentary producers whose work has not been side widely. In the coming months this web site will be featuring some of these works, along with audio interviews from their producers.

Here is a fascinating documentary, "It's Just Me," produced by John Stulhdreher, in the Arlington Public Schools. This hour-long documentary chronicles the effort to integrate the Arlington Public Schools in the late 1950's. John has granted permission for this documentary to be distributed over the internet. He can be reached at aetvjohn @ erols. com

This documentary was created with the support and encouragement of the Arlington Public Schools. John Stuhldreher works full-time as a video producer in the Arlington Public Schools.

I've chopped the film into two 30-minute pieces. These QuickTime files are best viewed with Firefox or Safari web browsers. Microsoft Internet Explorer sometimes makes you wait for a QuickTime to finish transferring before you can start viewing it.

John explained to me that it took a year or two to shoot and edit the documentary. Most of it was done on his own time evenings and weekends. Kudos to him for doing such a great job. It's interesting to note that Elizabeth Campbell, one of the leaders of the integration movement, is also the founder of WETA, the first public television station in the nation.

She did two good things in her life. That's a good goal for anyone to set. Do two good things in your life.

It's Just Me (first half) (657 megabytes)

It's Just Me (second half) (607 megabytes)

Note - In 2005 this same documentary will be presented here on this web site with a larger pixel dimension size, using Apple's QuickTime 7, which will be released in 2005.

I'm hoping to have a "making of" audio interview with John Stuhldreher added to this blog entry sometime within the next 2 weeks.

- phil

btw, if there's any individual, organization or other entity interested in also hosting this documentary on their webserver space, thanks for letting me know. I'll include alternate downloading links underneath the links shown above. That will help distribute the load.

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